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I am so late posting about this.. well, 2 weeks late. But I haven't been on LiveJournal is quite a while. So here it is now:

So on March 5th, I got to meet most of the SNL cast. This is something my mom & I have wanted to do for years now. Literally, years. We watch this show every single Saturday - even the reruns. SNL, the cast, the writers, & crew.. they are my life. So doing this has always been really important to me. I'm so happy I finally got the chance to do it. (& no, I didn't attend the show or rehersal. I just met them.)

The only ones who didn’t come out at the doors I was waiting at were Andy, Kristen, Kenan, Bill, & Nasim. But everyone else came out.

The first one to come out was Jay Pharoah. He was a lot of fun. He was joking around, getting everybody hyped up. He didn’t get to stay long & only got to take a a few pictures with a some people up in the front of the barricades. The kid in the picture with me & him is my brother Ryan, by the way (:

The second person was Seth Meyers. He didn’t get to take pictures with many people either. I was actually surprised he got to come over. So many people tell me he usually doesn't & just waves & leaves. But he did & signed for some people, then started walking away. Then I yelled, “SETH WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR HOURS” & he laughed & came over for a picture, lol. He’s so sweet.

Fred Armisen was the next one I met. He took his time out for everyone. Like, he literally went through until he met every last person. We told him how incredible he is & how much we love Portlandia. He was so kind, said “I’m glad you enjoy the show!” & he kept thanking us. He’s such a sweetheart.

After Fred, Paul Brittain came over to us. He was really nice. The first thing I asked him to do was take a picture for my friend Grace. He said “gladly.. where is she from?” & I told him. Then he said “That’s so awesome; I hope to meet her in person one day!”. It was so cute. Then I took a picture with him (:

THEN JASON FUCKING SUDEIKIS CAME OUT. & HOLY SHIT GUYS. I was all “fmjdsfe. JASONNNNNNN!” as soon as he stepped outside :p He came over & signed my GQ picture (I’m going to frame it asap). I told him I went to see Hall Pass 3 times & he was shocked. He said, “Aw, that’s so awesome.. you didn’t have to do that!”. I told him how I’ve been waiting for this moment since he started on SNL & he was like “you are way too kind”, haha. Then I said, “I just have to tell you this.. your hair is a gift to the world.” & he started lauging at me. After I told him that, I asked if it was ok if I touched it & he was like, “Oh sure! Go right ahead!!” & he bent his head down a little & let me touch it. SOFTEST MOST PERFECT HAIR IN THE WORLD. I don’t even know how to describe this. It was like touching Heaven. & to be honest, “Heaven” doesn’t even amount to the perfection. Words can’t even describe it. & I went all fangirl after I touched it because that is just the power his hair has over me, lmao. He laughed at me. Then my brother yelled out “Stop the flow with Tampax” & J-Suds started laughing again. & before he left my brother got to “pound the potato” (Hall Pass reference) with him. It was BEYOND EPIC - & I don’t use that word lightly. He was so incredibly sweet - literally. This man just doesn’t know how amazing he is - he has no sense of how flawless of a human being he is. He’s one of the most humble people ever. He knows he made me happy; but he has no clue that he just made a girls dream come true. That moment was the BEST moment of my life. I can’t even comprehend that I came in contact with such perfection. I’ll never be able to believe this.

The video of me fangirling & touching J-Suds' hair.

Then Bobby Moynihan came out & my brother FREAKED. The first thing he yelled when he saw him was “I NEED A BOBBY…..”, lmao. Then to get his attention he was like, “BOBBYYYY BOBBBYYYYY BOBBBBYYYYYYYYY!”. It was pretty amazing. I’ve never seen Ryan like that with anybody before, I got a kick out of his excitement.. haha. Bobby was so cool. We told him his Snooki is incredible & he’s even better than the real one & he was like, “Thank you so much!! I wish she thought so!!” lol.

Vanessa also came out. But I didn’t get to get a picture with her. She said hello to me though! & all the Miley fans that were there kept telling her how incredible she was :p Abby also came out; I didn’t meet her because she only went over to the 2nd line & she was rushing with everyone. A lot of people said it seemed like she didn’t feel like meeting with people - which was weird for me, because she seems like she would be so nice. Oh well, maybe she’ll feel better next time.

But we already decided we’re doing this at least twice again next season. I CAN’T WAIT. It was the best night of my life. It really, truly exceeded my expectations. & to be honest, two weeks later, I’m still pretty speechless ♥
All I fucking hear lately are people complaining about US Skins. Everyone who watches the UK version keep complaining about how “lame” it is or how it’s not “risky enough”. Or that they cut out so much compared to the UK version. Or that the US version is “too much alike” to the UK version. etc, etc, etc.

Honesly. All these complaints are pure & total bullshit.

1.) Really.. what the fuck were you expecting? Honestly. Why are you blaming MTV & the show? If you’re going to complain at all, complain about the way America views it & the countries FCC laws. The show has to cut out all the “risky” parts for a reason. Why? Because most American’s have a fucking stick up their ass when it comes to any of the shit involved in the show. If you guys haven’t noticed - they aren’t just like this with Skins.. but with every show. In America, there are only so many limits that can be crossed. Trust me; if the parents complaining about the US version saw the UK one, they would lose their fucking shit. & well, if you’re an American complaining about the show, you should already fucking know this & you’re a dumbass for complaining about it.

2.) Of course the storyline of the US verion is exactly like the UK version. They told you it would be since they started promoting it. They weren’t making a different fucking show; they set out to remake the original. When you “remake” something, it’s suppost to be along the same lines as the first one. If they did it any different, it wouldn’t be a “remake”. Then they would basically just be making their own show with the same characters.. that’s not a “remake” - that’s a “reboot”, fyi.

3.) Everyone was judging it from the pilot episode. All pilot episodes are shitty compared to the rest of the series. Nobody should have judged an ENTIRE show based on the first episode. That’s stupid in itself if you did, & it just goes to show how close-minded you are.

4.) If you don’t like the show, turn it off. There are plenty of other things to do & watch. It’s fine if you don’t like it. There are a million shows I don’t like too.. but the difference is I don’t sit around & waste my time complaining about them. Get the fuck over it.

Okay. I’m done venting now. I’m just sick of hearing everybody bullshitting about this show. If you actually read all of this crap, thanks for hearing me out. If you read this & don’t agree with me, I really don’t give a flying fuck.. & if you reply to this arguing with me, I really don’t care for your opinion either - so don’t expect some kind of response.

Meeting Russell Brand <3

So I met Russell Brand today (June 3rd, 2010) at the Today Show. I had it planned for months to go for the American Idol concert & I found out about 2 weeks ago that it just so happened that RUSSELL FREAKIN’ BRAND was going to be at the same exact show. I’ve been a Russell fan for quite a few years now & I look up to & admire him greatly. He’s someone I absolutely love & adore. Well, if you know me, you already know my love for this man is endless. Well, anyway. We went just hoping to get at least a glimpse of him. I couldn’t believe we were in NYC the same time he was, never mind what it would be like to actually meet him. But I did bring my “Booky Wook” & my Rolling Stone cover.. just in case by some miracle, I did happen to get the chance to meet him. But never in a million years did I think I actually would, lol. I actually, honestly still can’t believe this even happened.

Well, if you’ve ever been to the Today Show, you would know that there is a lot of waiting around.. cause guests don’t come out till about 8:30-9:00 (& the show starts at 7am, so that’s an hour & a half wait right there). So I’m just standing there the whole time, talking to my mom about it. I kept saying, “I really, really, really hope they do his interview out here. I would do anything for him to just walk by us.. I think I would die.” So we spent that hour & a half wait just hoping that he would come outside (cause sometimes they do actor interviews indoors). A little after 8:30, we saw Russell inside the building about to come outside. I FREAKED OUT. He walked through with his bodyguards & stood by the staircase waiting to go up to do his interview (if you didn’t see the interview, it was up on a platform, which just happened to be RIGHT BEHIND ME. He was waiting for about a minute or so, so while he was there, I asked him to sign my “Booky Wook” & he said “gladly”. It was so adorable.. :D He signed it & gave me back my book & Sharpie marker (which nobody else will ever, ever use or touch, lol) & then he went up to do his interview. During his interview, I was standing there with my mom shaking & crying (literally, crying).
As he was coming down from doing the interview, I asked him for a picture & he said, “of course, sweetie!” & hugged me (in a full, 2 armed embrace; I’m not even exaggerating), & gave me a kiss on the forehead ♥___♥ & yes, that’s my autographed “Booky Wook” in the picture, as well (: We took many other pictures of this experience, as well.

While he was signing my book before the interview, I got to tell him how much this means to me, what a huge fan I am, & I literally told him he made my life, lol. He kept calling me “sweetie”. & I was the only one he stopped for pictures & autographs for, xD. He was SOOO nice & without a doubt, one of the sweetest people EVER. Not many celebrities would stop & take the time out to do that for a fan (sad, but true). He’s absolutely incredible.. he always has been. He’ll never know just how much this truly ment to me. To him, it probably seemed like no big deal; but to me, it seemed like everything. I never in a million years even thought I would get within 3 miles of him, nevermind actually hugging him ♥

Russell & I :D

Russell signing my book.

My signed Booky Wook.

My tweets from before & after Russell came out.
If you could hang out with any fictional character for a whole day, who would you choose, and why?

BART SIMPSON. Without a doubt. He's my favorite fictional character ever. He's so much fun & he's the coolest there is ;D I've been a Bart Simpson fan for (literally) as long as I can remember. The first toy I used to carry around with me everywhere was my Bart doll (which I still have). & now I have a full Bart collection - including stuffed Bart's in all sizes (from 6 inches tall to 4 feet). So clearly, he would be my obvious answer for this question.. lol.

Apr. 12th, 2010

High Fidelity

“What came first? The music or the misery? People worry about kids playing with guns, or watching violent videos… that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. Nobody worries about kids listening to thousands, literally thousands of songs about heartbreak, rejection, pain, misery and loss. Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?”

True victory.


All honesty, I have never been so proud & happy in my life. This moment, for me, just made me voting for Obama on November 4th, 2008 worth everything. To me, this isn't about Republicans verses Democrats.. this is just about getting people who need the extra help the help they need & deserve. People don't understand how much this means to me. & why don't they? Because they have most likely never been in the situation where receiving health care was a problem.

I am bipolar & I have A.D.D., O.C.D., depression, & an under-active thyroid. I was medicated up until my health insurance expired when I turned 19 on June 29th of last year. Since then I haven't had any sort of medication whatsoever. & I am doing worse than ever because of it - because I am unable to get the help I need. I can't afford insurance, I can't afford to go to the doctors, & I certainly can't afford my medicine (some of the medications I was on can cost up to $600 a bottle without insurance). On top of that; without these medications, I am legally & mentally unable to drive or work a legal job. When I am off my medications, I am a completely different person - I'm terrified of everything, I'm quiet, I am nervous ALL THE TIME, I get anxious around everyone (including family & friends, so I tend to keep away from them all), I panic 24/7, I scream, yell, & sometimes cause pain to those around me, I lose my temper horridly, & with the depression, it sometimes gets to the point where I am tempted to harm myself. When I am on medications, I am as normal as I could ever possibly be - I enjoy my life, I become thankful for what I have, I have fun, I hang out with my friends 10x more, I can live a somewhat normal life (the kind of life every 19 year old would have) - I once had that, but once the medications & doctors help stopped coming was the moment my life went downhill. People don't realize this, but there are thousands of people going through exactly what I am & can't afford the proper help. It's people like us who need this. It's important & it means the world to us. It takes us an extra step to leading the kind of life that everyone deserves to lead.

I'm not writing this as an "oh, poor me" sham. I'm writing this, because I want people to get the picture & try to understand why this is so important. I want people to know it's more than just politics - it's the health of others (both mental & physical).

As for the bill passing, I know it'll be a process. But it gives me hope that I, as well as many others, will get the help & medications we need again at some point in the future.

Rest In Peace, Corey Haim.

I don't even know what to say. My heart is in a million pieces right now & I can hardly speak. I woke up at 11am & my mom sat me down to tell me this news. The first thing she told me is, "I know it's going to make you really sad, so tell me when you are ready to hear it".. as soon as she said that, my heart sank - just as anyones heart would after someone says that to them. I told her just to tell me & she told me that Corey Haim passed away. My heart began skipping beats, my mouth dropped, & my hands started shaking. I felt a huge lump in my throat right away. I can't even believe this.

I've been a Corey fan for as long as I can remember. He always reminded me of some kind of angel - he was so kind & caring to everybody, no matter who they were. He wouldn't (intentionally) hurt a fly. He took so much crap from everyone over the years. People saying he was a "nobody" & a "loser", or a "washed-up child actor". To me, he wasn't any of those things at all. He was (& always will be) so much more than that. I didn't just look at him as a "celebrity" or a "former child star" - I looked at him as a PERSON; as a human being. I looked at him as he was.. as Corey. A sweet, kindhearted, caring, fun, talented person who could make the people who cared about him smile. All he ever wanted was love & acceptance.. but very few people gave him that. People judged & ridiculed everything he did his entire life. Over the years, the comments I've read & heard people make about him disgust me. It has always pained me to see people treat him this way & I have, in fact, gotten in arguments with people (in person & over the internet) who have said horrid things about him & put him down. Nobody deserves to be treated like that.. especially someone who had the heart that Corey had.

Yes, he made some big mistakes in his lifetime.. but no matter what the mistake may be, everyone makes them at some point in their life. I just hate to see that those mistakes may have costed him his life. He didn't deserve this. He deserved so much more & I wish he could have seen that. I've never gotten to meet him & my dreams of that got crushed today, along with my heart. But once it is my time, I hope to meet him on the other side.

Rest in peace, Corey. You'll never ever be forgotten ♥ ♥ ♥

Free the WM3.

Ok, so - I'm warning you.. this'll be a long post. But it's something that means a lot to me, so I would appreciate it more than you'll ever know if you read this & gave it a chance ♥

On Saturday February 27th at 10pm on CBS, the show “48 Hours” is having a special about the West Memphis Three. As you read that first sentence, you were most likely thinking, “What is this & why would I care?”. Odds are, you haven’t heard of the West Memphis Three case - & if you have, you probably haven’t looked very much into it & just know the basics of what happened.

If you have no idea who or what the WM3 is, here is the jest of what happened;
In 1993, three teenagers were convicted of the murders of 3 children in West Memphis, Arkansas. Damien was sentenced to death while Jessie & Jason were sentenced to life. The problem is that they were wrongly accused, judged by their looks, & eventually interrogated by police into giving a false confession. There is absolutely no evidence that connects Damien, Jessie, & Jason to the case whatsoever. Police picked them out simply because they stood out & were different. They dressed in black, listened to Metallica, didn’t have much money, & had different beliefs. Yet 17 years later, they are still locked up. (To avoid making this long, I’m going to stop here. If you want to learn more, there is always google.)

If you chose to watch this special, I beg you to learn & not judge by what you may have heard or think you know. If you give this case a chance, it may just change your life & theirs. It would mean everything to me for you guys to give this case & these guys the chance they deserve – watch this special & learn more about the case. They will never get another chance without our help & they need us. Johnny Depp is involved in the special - which I find to be incredible & I gained even more respect for him for doing this. It'll bring so much more attention to this case, which is what is needed.

If you know me, then you most likely know that this case & the people involved mean the world to me.. literally. It would mean everything to me if you gave up [b]ONE HOUR[/b] of your Saturday night to watch this special & learn a little about this case. You all have no idea how much it would mean to, not just me but, them. So please, please try your hardest to catch this special. I would appreciate it more than anything ♥

If you actually read this whole thing, I applaud you.
Just for reading this, thank you so much! I really do
appreciate it.. (:


Everyone should watch.. support Shaun, Louie, Greg, & Scotty! ;D
Go for the gold, boys ♥

1 question. 4 guys. 100 things to do.

So I have become obsessed with a new MTV show called "the Buried Life". If you haven't yet seen it, it's about 4 guys who made a list of things they want to do before they die. & for every item on the list that they complete, they try to help a complete stranger complete something on their's. It's intriguing, addicting, & completely inspiring. In fact, it even inspired me enough to make my own list. The list is short so far, because I kinda just started it, lol. But I will add more as time goes on.

- MEET & HANGOUT WITH BEN, JONNIE, DUNCAN, & DAVE (from the Buried Life).
- Meet my biggest inspiration, Damien Echols.
- Organize a fundraiser concert for West Memphis Three Awareness.
- Meet most of, if not all, of my favorite celebrities (Britney Spears being #1).
- Meet Kiowa Gordon, Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz, & Bronson Pelletier (my favorite wolf boys).
- Find my father.
- Hangout with my friend Dakota IRL ;D
- See Britney Spears in concert with Dakota.
- Live outside the US.
- Live in New York City, Hawaii, California, London, & France.
- Start an organization/charity.
- Write a lot of books.
- Take a cross-country road trip.
- Go to Graceland.
- Meet the Presley family.
- Co-write a song with one of my favorite musicians.
- Kiss someone by the Eiffel Tower.
- Meet Corey Haim & Corey Feldman.
- Go see a WWE wrestling match.
- Meet David Wright & Jose Reyes

So I'm curious, what are a few things YOU wish to do before you die?