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Rest In Peace, Corey Haim.

I don't even know what to say. My heart is in a million pieces right now & I can hardly speak. I woke up at 11am & my mom sat me down to tell me this news. The first thing she told me is, "I know it's going to make you really sad, so tell me when you are ready to hear it".. as soon as she said that, my heart sank - just as anyones heart would after someone says that to them. I told her just to tell me & she told me that Corey Haim passed away. My heart began skipping beats, my mouth dropped, & my hands started shaking. I felt a huge lump in my throat right away. I can't even believe this.

I've been a Corey fan for as long as I can remember. He always reminded me of some kind of angel - he was so kind & caring to everybody, no matter who they were. He wouldn't (intentionally) hurt a fly. He took so much crap from everyone over the years. People saying he was a "nobody" & a "loser", or a "washed-up child actor". To me, he wasn't any of those things at all. He was (& always will be) so much more than that. I didn't just look at him as a "celebrity" or a "former child star" - I looked at him as a PERSON; as a human being. I looked at him as he was.. as Corey. A sweet, kindhearted, caring, fun, talented person who could make the people who cared about him smile. All he ever wanted was love & acceptance.. but very few people gave him that. People judged & ridiculed everything he did his entire life. Over the years, the comments I've read & heard people make about him disgust me. It has always pained me to see people treat him this way & I have, in fact, gotten in arguments with people (in person & over the internet) who have said horrid things about him & put him down. Nobody deserves to be treated like that.. especially someone who had the heart that Corey had.

Yes, he made some big mistakes in his lifetime.. but no matter what the mistake may be, everyone makes them at some point in their life. I just hate to see that those mistakes may have costed him his life. He didn't deserve this. He deserved so much more & I wish he could have seen that. I've never gotten to meet him & my dreams of that got crushed today, along with my heart. But once it is my time, I hope to meet him on the other side.

Rest in peace, Corey. You'll never ever be forgotten ♥ ♥ ♥