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True victory.


All honesty, I have never been so proud & happy in my life. This moment, for me, just made me voting for Obama on November 4th, 2008 worth everything. To me, this isn't about Republicans verses Democrats.. this is just about getting people who need the extra help the help they need & deserve. People don't understand how much this means to me. & why don't they? Because they have most likely never been in the situation where receiving health care was a problem.

I am bipolar & I have A.D.D., O.C.D., depression, & an under-active thyroid. I was medicated up until my health insurance expired when I turned 19 on June 29th of last year. Since then I haven't had any sort of medication whatsoever. & I am doing worse than ever because of it - because I am unable to get the help I need. I can't afford insurance, I can't afford to go to the doctors, & I certainly can't afford my medicine (some of the medications I was on can cost up to $600 a bottle without insurance). On top of that; without these medications, I am legally & mentally unable to drive or work a legal job. When I am off my medications, I am a completely different person - I'm terrified of everything, I'm quiet, I am nervous ALL THE TIME, I get anxious around everyone (including family & friends, so I tend to keep away from them all), I panic 24/7, I scream, yell, & sometimes cause pain to those around me, I lose my temper horridly, & with the depression, it sometimes gets to the point where I am tempted to harm myself. When I am on medications, I am as normal as I could ever possibly be - I enjoy my life, I become thankful for what I have, I have fun, I hang out with my friends 10x more, I can live a somewhat normal life (the kind of life every 19 year old would have) - I once had that, but once the medications & doctors help stopped coming was the moment my life went downhill. People don't realize this, but there are thousands of people going through exactly what I am & can't afford the proper help. It's people like us who need this. It's important & it means the world to us. It takes us an extra step to leading the kind of life that everyone deserves to lead.

I'm not writing this as an "oh, poor me" sham. I'm writing this, because I want people to get the picture & try to understand why this is so important. I want people to know it's more than just politics - it's the health of others (both mental & physical).

As for the bill passing, I know it'll be a process. But it gives me hope that I, as well as many others, will get the help & medications we need again at some point in the future.