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All I fucking hear lately are people complaining about US Skins. Everyone who watches the UK version keep complaining about how “lame” it is or how it’s not “risky enough”. Or that they cut out so much compared to the UK version. Or that the US version is “too much alike” to the UK version. etc, etc, etc.

Honesly. All these complaints are pure & total bullshit.

1.) Really.. what the fuck were you expecting? Honestly. Why are you blaming MTV & the show? If you’re going to complain at all, complain about the way America views it & the countries FCC laws. The show has to cut out all the “risky” parts for a reason. Why? Because most American’s have a fucking stick up their ass when it comes to any of the shit involved in the show. If you guys haven’t noticed - they aren’t just like this with Skins.. but with every show. In America, there are only so many limits that can be crossed. Trust me; if the parents complaining about the US version saw the UK one, they would lose their fucking shit. & well, if you’re an American complaining about the show, you should already fucking know this & you’re a dumbass for complaining about it.

2.) Of course the storyline of the US verion is exactly like the UK version. They told you it would be since they started promoting it. They weren’t making a different fucking show; they set out to remake the original. When you “remake” something, it’s suppost to be along the same lines as the first one. If they did it any different, it wouldn’t be a “remake”. Then they would basically just be making their own show with the same characters.. that’s not a “remake” - that’s a “reboot”, fyi.

3.) Everyone was judging it from the pilot episode. All pilot episodes are shitty compared to the rest of the series. Nobody should have judged an ENTIRE show based on the first episode. That’s stupid in itself if you did, & it just goes to show how close-minded you are.

4.) If you don’t like the show, turn it off. There are plenty of other things to do & watch. It’s fine if you don’t like it. There are a million shows I don’t like too.. but the difference is I don’t sit around & waste my time complaining about them. Get the fuck over it.

Okay. I’m done venting now. I’m just sick of hearing everybody bullshitting about this show. If you actually read all of this crap, thanks for hearing me out. If you read this & don’t agree with me, I really don’t give a flying fuck.. & if you reply to this arguing with me, I really don’t care for your opinion either - so don’t expect some kind of response.