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This is what takes up space.

lmfao. I have the most random shit saved on my computer.


Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

Another day has gone. I'm still all alone. How could this be, you're not here with me. You never said goodbye.. Someone tell me why did you have to go & leave my world so cold.

You have forever changed soo many people's lives. You truly have no idea. You have lived through soo much.. including some undeserved stuff. But between all of the headlines, both good & bad.. you have always stayed true to yourself. I respect that more than anything. Your music & your persona has changed lives. Everyone's in a different way, whether they freely admit it or not. I can proudly say that you have changed mine. You were such a unique individual & a kind hearted person. After everything you have been through, you proved to be strong as well. Needless to say, when I heard the news, my heart felt as though it had fallen down to my stomach & I couldn't stop shaking. The phrase "WHY HIM?!" circled my mind. You didn't deserve to leave this world so soon & you certainly didn't deserve to leave the way you did. You were such a good person & you thought everyone was as sweet as yourself, but people weren't. They took advantage of you, that was your ONLY fault, being to nice to people. It's time for people to finally leave you alone, & let you rest in peace. I wish I could have met you just once. My heart is broken into pieces. You weren't just the King of Pop, you were an inspiration. You have forever left your mark & you can never & will never be forgotten.


alexander : "fight what"

new favorite song.
check it out.


Shawn Harris

I'm addicted.
He's the drug.
End of story.

nyc nyc nyc nyc nyc

I love spending winter break in New York City..
Nothing could ever come close to it :)

you want a piece of me.

I just LOVE how often I update this journal, haha.
It's okay.. I signed up for LJ for the communities.

Anyway, yeah. I don't really know what to post about, lol. Lets talk about something everyone's talking about.. Jamie Lynn Spears.

People should seriously just leave the girl the hell alone. She's smart, she can handle herself. I'm happy she's taking responsibility for it. Most teens would either have an abortion or just not take care of it. I'm sure she'll do just fine. Mistakes are mistakes.. She obviously didnt mean to get pregnant, but sometimes things like that just happen. It's not like she went into this going, "Oh I wanna have a baby!". And I also think that if she wasn't "Britney's Little Sister", people wouldn't care half as much as they do. But no, Britney is a "mess", so now her sister is "going down the same road".. No.

I'm not defending what she did - I'm defending her. And yes, there is a big difference.

But, I'm a huge fan of the Spears family, so I'm gonna stick by her through this.

I read Hayley Williams' (Paramore) post about this issue and I'm glad to see one of my idols defending the Spears'. I'm a huge fan of both Hayley and The Spears family. And it's good to see that she's not bashing them like the rest of the world is.

But yeah.. Now that I finally wrote about something. It's getting late. I'm going to watch some Christmas movies until my eyes start to close and then head to bed.

Much love.


FOB & Bayside

Hello again.
It's been awhile.

There have been some up's and down's in the past few weeks.
Some mine, some others. But, what can I say? It happens.
People fall apart. People grow stronger. It's normal.
We just need to overcome it. And yes, we will. :]

Other than that, my arm is no better. If anything, it's worse.
The doctor is bullshxting himself. What does he know about pain?
Is he the one with his arm all fxcked up? Didn't think so. dnsdna.
He's a dumb-dumb. hehe. But, yeah. Hopefully, it'll heal asap.

I bought the new Fall Out Boy [INFINITY ON HIGH]
and Bayside [THE WALKING WOUNDED] on 02/06/07.
Those CD's are amazing. I swear, both bands just get better with age.
Every CD Fall Out Boy and Bayside make just gets better and better.
It's unbeliveable. x

I also got the lovely chance of meeting Bayside that day,
and it was amazing. It was at Vintage Vinyl. I got up to them
and I started shaking. But they were soo sweet. I got a kiss
on the cheek from Anthony and he signed my arm. The whole
band signed my CD and poster. Then I got pictures with all of
them and then we had a group one with my brother. It was soo
amazinggg! lol. I told them how much they have helped me out
in the past four years. They thanked me. Then we talked about
the other times I've seen them. They said Bamboozle is their
favorite. Anyway, before the meet and greet, Anthony and Jack
put on a short 30 minute acoustic show. Amazing, just as everything
they do, lol. I have some video of their performance. It's only
half of two songs cause the battery in my camera was running low.

Well, it's getting late. I'm done typing.
Going to listen to some music and chill.

Much lovee x